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We have a chapter, right? Am I imagining hearing that they meet near Roche Bros. in Quincy? We're TTC and gearing up for the fight for a VBAC. Feeling very alone and in need of info to be the best advocate for myself!
Oh, I hate hate how hard it is to find tasteful, plain clothing for kids that's made in the USA. We do a LOT of American Apparel T's and I make the majority of his bottoms myself out of wool yarn or purchase them from US WAHMs.
Quote: Originally Posted by phytoangel sounds good. i'll join right now. can't wait! Yay!!! I do a lot of beach walks in the summer, too, maybe we can get something going with the warmer weather
I love love love my Beco - I had an ergo and returned it, I found the straps really thick and bulky. Back carries are really easy, I don't find the internal harness is that much more of a pain to fuss with, and there's an infant insert included, so you can use it with a tiny baby in the future as well. We use ours a few hours every day and have for 16 months now - it's in great shape. Plus, it's prettier than the Ergo, by far
Quote: Originally Posted by phytoangel hey mamas! i think that i am the one that paige is talking about. thanks paige. yes, i live in brant rock. i'd love to get together with some local mamas. keep me in the loop. i have a super tiny house, but would love to host some get togethers. plus, we live right by a nice little private beach. yehhhhhh, more crunchy mamas! my little ones and i go to the marshfield library wednesdays at 10am for...
It kinda sounds more like the 4-month sleep regression than anything else, that was a really really hard stage for sleep for us, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Paige, CPM So I am confused, do you live in OB Laura? Or was that just randomly chosen? Paige I live in Marshfield, but not that close to the water. Another woman started the meetup group, not me. I just was hoping to get some more interest - there's always talk of lots of interest in get togethers, but somehow they always end up just being tiny
Quote: Originally Posted by Paige, CPM yes i was refering to the oceans bluff...but if that is where the meetup contact lives then i am thinking they might know one another... I don't think I have met her - the one mom I know who lives in Ocean Bluff had a birth center birth and it's not me, because I had a terrible c-section
Quote: Originally Posted by jessjgh1 The South Shore AP group may be trying to get a get together (or did you post this there too).... I try to get some volunteers together to do this once a month at the Plymouth Farmers Market.... There are 2 babywearing teachers/vendors on the Cape... (just have a few minutes to be online right now) Jessica yeah, that was me who posted I'm trying everywhere I know :P
This is really interesting! I am also really wanting a VBAC with our second, we will be TTC in a few months. I've been talking to my DH's aunt, who is a labor and delivery nurse at South Shore Hospital - from the sounds of it they are trying really hard to lower their c/s rate, and that they are now VERY supportive of VBACs and she has recently been and a ton of successful ones. It does give me hope as I didn't have the best experience my first delivery at SSH.
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