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Had my second appointment yesterday. I was 10w 1Day and baby was measuring a full week ahead! It was huge! My dr was very surprised. Also baby's bpm was 155 at 7 weeks but yesterday it was 180! I've never had that happen before. I'm totally getting girl vibes. It was flipping around and I saw arms legs feet and hands. Even a little profile
Went to my first appointment. Bean looks great. Measuring a day ahead. 155 beats per min.
Well I'm ok. Still have been poas to make sure I see dark lines and they are still there. This early my dr can't do anything anyway so I'm trying not to worry. She also said i probably got more of a shock than the baby. Today morning sickness is kickin so I guess that's good right? I think everything will be ok
I'm a little worried ladies. Today I moved the microwave and I got an electric shock. I felt it though my whole body. I have googles and found nearly every case was fine. I still can't help but fear the worst. Ill be 5 weeks tomorrow. You think my little pearl is ok?
Ash531- I get you with the blood test. I would do it too if I could. Instead I'm obsessively peeking on pregnancy tests to make sure I still see a dark line. Yep... I'm crazy haha! Pattimama- yep they kicked in at about 8 weeks with dd1 and ds1. Never had any symptoms with dd2 tho... So maybe I lucked out again
Do you all feel pregnant? I don't feel pregnant at all. It's sort of freaking me out.
So sorry for your loss
Looks like those that took a gender guess all say girl
Hi all! Im thrilled to be here! Im due with #4 2/17/14. First DD was stillborn should be 6 if she were here, DS is 5 and DD is 3. I cannot wait to see what this baby is. Im thinking girl :)
Confirmed with digital!
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