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Year 7 should be the equivalent of our 8th grade. Interesting list. Some I hadn't seen, either. Thanks for sharing.
My kids' current favorite is Apples to Apples. We also enjoy Boggle and Scrabble.  The younger kids like alphabet Bingo, esp when I use Scrabble or Boggle to help. They also like this game we found that is go fish with dice. The dice have different colors and you roll each turn, so your "hand" is always different.  The preschooler loves the Eric Carle games (found at Target) and Good Night Moon, too!    
For kindergarten we use 100 Easy Lessons and Making Math Meaningful Level 1. That is all. We read and play and might do a unit study if they show an interest in a specific topic.
we taught blending sounds along side of 100EL with some flashcards leftover from when I worked with K. Anyway, my kids have all read on the 2nd grade (or more) level when they were finished (and one child only went to lesson 40!). After 100EL they have gone into R&S English 2 for some grammar lessons.
in order to hyper focus on one area that is lacking in all of your children? I'm thinking about putting away all other studies and do just math this year. I'm thinking about making everyone under high school age do math starting with kindergarten basics and moving up until their own level. - letting them move at their own pace, BUT following the exact same path so nothing gets left out. What do you think? Ever do something like this? Did it actually help?
Quote: Originally Posted by frugalmum I've noticed a lot of threads about young children, just wondering if we could do a rollcall of families homeschooling teens?. This year I have 2 teens, and 3 preteens (along with a 7yo and 5yo plus a 3yo and 7mo)
We named ours after the street we lived on when we started homeshooling. Sunrise Academy. We didn't have to, only wanted it. Later I learned that there are some forms and things like the reading incentive programs that you use your homeschool's name for. We briefly lived in a state that you had to have a name, and continued with the same one. We are now moving to where we hope to live until we retire and I'm thinking of a name change. That would be Cedar Academy if we...
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelBee I work 15-50 hours a week depending on the season and homeschool my 7 children. It is possible but not always easy. #1 for us: we school year round. It makes it possible to spread out curriculum and work harder when I have time off. thank you, angelbee. I'm working 15hrs. I thought I would have time to study there, but it's turning out that I don't. The last two nights the college's website was down and...
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyCatLady Sorry I don't have much advice. I'm totally impressed with your multitasking skills though. cute!!lol I haven't managed it yet!!! I have used MOTH before and have gleaned much from the book. So far, I've made and excel sheet of who has to be where, when and who is studying what, when, and such. I just don't know when *I* will study.
I'm starting to stress out just a little. I signed up to take 12hours of online courses from our local college. PLUS I am homeschooling 7 children AND teaching three other kids with mine for science, one day a week. I need tips and advice on balancing it all and keeping focused. Anyone?
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