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simon on his 2 month b'day.  giggly guy!  
thanks so much for your responses, everyone.  last week was – admittedly – very, very tough for me.  at one point, i was feeling so down that i was convinced i was suffering from postpartum depression.  but, since then, I’ve started feeling much better… so i think my mood was just a result of being overwhelmed.  my husband is very aware of how i was feeling, and we’re “checking-in” often about it...   one BIG change I’ve made, and this is a no-brainer but it was...
yay!!  congratulations and welcome to the big world, owen!!
i'm gaining, too... 1.5 lbs!  the holidays, I guess.  but, i'm hungrier now than when i was pregnant.  SO, i'm sure i would have gained even without the holidays... ack!    
today was my first day “on” as a mama of 4.  with the birth and recovery/babymoon/ holidays and winter break my husband has been very present and we’ve spent lots of time with family.   today, everyone was back to work and school, and it was just me all day… i was organized and enthusiastic, but even still the day didn’t go very well.  and, as if on cue, at 4:30 i had an epic breakdown.   ack! please, i need to know, how others are managing?
oh my gosh, they DO!!  so cute.   i adore the picture of your three guys... looks like a sweet moment.    
gah, so many gorgeous babies!! and, mamas and papas, too!   here’s simon on NYE, waking from his last nap of 2011...  
wow, you all are doing so great.  already!   i think i’m in need of a plan.  i lost a good amount initially, but with the holidays, I’ve been eating horribly (cookies, anyone?).  and, my weight hasn’t changed in a week.   pre-pregnancy - 158 delivery day - 211 lbs  (12/6) 5 days post-partum – 189 (12/11) 2 weeks postpartum – 175.9 (12/20) 3 weeks postpartum – 175.9 (today)   with each of my 4 previous pregnancies, i’ve held on to about 5 lbs, so I...
azadehhast – i also wanted to mention… this time around, i had to pump a bit just for my own comfort.   it’s counter intuitive, i realize, because of the whole supply/demamd aspect of developing a milk supply.  but, there was just too much milk, I felt like I’d pop otherwise.  my babe is 3 weeks old now and my supply has perfectly balanced, even with the initial pumping.   congratulations on winter!  he’s completely gorgeous.
beautiful photos, everyone!  i'm feeling a little guilty for not taking enough pictures.  the past few weeks have been a happy, whilrwind.  and, i often find myself camera-less during the most photo important moments.  i did take a bunch on christmas, then sadly left my camera behind when we came home from my parents house.  i'm a mess, i tell you!   this is simon being loved-up by his sister naomi, "me hold baby si!" is an hourly request, so this is a site i see...
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