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9 weeks 5 days here and finally feeling GREAT!!! This is my 2nd pregnancy and MS definitely started sooner this time...right at 5 weeks. I was on the couch all day for some days, throwing up all day a few other days and just miserable. But seriously I hit 9 weeks and I am so glad the worst seems to be over. If my stomach gets empty though, nausea creeps back in so I have to be real good about eating every 2 hours. There is hope :)  
I'm 6 weeks today but MS started at 5 weeks 2 days here! A couple of days I was stuck on the couch all morning because I would have puked had I moved. Then in the afternoon - gone. However it is getting more under control as I force myself to eat something every 2 hours at least. I even have to eat in the middle of the night so I can feel semi normal in the morning!   Last pregnancy MS started later, a little after 6 weeks. It wasn't nearly as strong as I have it...
This exactly, although not totally Brewer. I gained 60lbs last time and my feet were SO swollen and I also felt awful. Staying away from sugar and going easy on the grains!
EDD: June 6th Your Age: 29 Your General Location: Minnesota This babe will be child #?: 2 How long have you been TTC: 3 months Tell us a bit about your family (partner, other children, and/or pets): I have a 3yr DD whose birthday is also in June so yey, I get save money on maternity clothes :)
Hmm not sure that you can take that statement any other way THAN harsh lol. But I'll try I guess.   Actually, my question came off an article I was reading that involved about 2/3rds of "vaccine failures"...so maybe I should have posed my question better.   So are you saying that because someone doesn't understand the complexity of disease transmission completely (ie, fully vaxed people getting VPDs when exposed, not vaxed people not getting the disease when exposed) that...
So I read in a recent article that said, because most of the population is vaccinated, this is the reason that outbreaks are contained. If the population were not vaccinated, there would be an outbreak across the entire nation.   Trying, as a non-vaxer, to figure this one out.
Now if only Minnesota would get on board!! I would also like to be able to choose what milk my family drinks.
Jewel's lullaby album is absolutely beautiful! I actually just bought it the other week.
MIL: "You're being a good mom this time around" (not starting rice cereal) "Next one you'll feed them rice cereal so you can get some sleep"
Saw this today. And yeah it did surprise me about the OB using that book for her child. But what also shocked me was to hear her say that more and more women are choosing to have elective C-sections and that's great because it's all about giving women choices. Seriously? Promoting elective C-sections?... Sorry, tangent.
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