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BrieS,   Your tree ornaments are beautiful.  Do you have a recipe for the oven baked clay that you could share?   Thanks!
Does it feel like crushed glass when she sucks? If so, then I am going through the same thing! My LO is 10 months and this just started yesterday. Sorry I don't have wise advice but just want to give you some moral support! I have the exact same situation too where my LO pushes the breast away and while normally this is no big deal, it really hurts now and i end up having to protect my breast with the other hand. I had the same thing happen at 5.5 months. I treated it...
Hi, I'm an expat living in Hong Kong. Have been all over Asia as an expat for most of my life but as an expat mama? Only 8 months!
I have been a lurker in these forums for awhile (since the birth of my now 8 month old) and thought I would venture in with my first post! Any fellow MDC moms living in Hong Kong?
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