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I would assume each country has their own laws. We traveled to Italy with unvaxed DS this past year. Vaxes are not required to re-enter the US, if that is what you are asking.
I was reading through the helper threads and noticed that at least one family wanted a YMCA membership. I just wanted to mention that one of the missions of the Y is to never turn anyone away because of an inability to pay. All Y's will make their own rules for receiving assistance, but there is typically a range from totally free through many levels of reduced payments. Don't hesitate to stop in and talk to someone about financial assistance! The Y prides itself on...
I would certainly take him in. He may have over active saliva glands or something....Sounds scary and I would rather be on the safe side. At the very least she could ask for a phone consult with her Ped.
Quote: how do you prepare carrots? You can steam and puree them. Because they have a lot of nitrates you shouldn't use the water that you used to cook them to thin the carrots. Otherwise you can just fix them like you do other food. Cereal We haven't really done it. Many Peds want BF mamas to do it because it is iron fortified. We decided that we would do foods that were rich in iron like sweet potatoes. Rice cereal is very easy to digest, and is...
When we started solids at 6 mo, we also introduced a sippy with water. My resources say not to let them have more than 3 oz per day (which was never a problem). We only did solids once a day for 2 mo. Many days we didn't do any or much at all. Now at 8 mo we are moving to 2x per day. We decided not to do juice. If you do it, the suggestion is to do 50/50 or less. Juice doesn't have the nutrients that the fruit has which is why I'm not doing it. Juice can be helpful if...
We recently started using a cactus juice spray. I'm unclear at this point how effective it is, but it is worth trying. I bought it at a camping gear type of store.
We are planning a vacation to Italy with DS who is not vaxxed. My mom, (who disagrees with our decision) is telling me that DS can't re-enter the country (US) un-vaxxed. I think she's wrong (but this never even occurred to me) but I don't know where to look to find the facts. Can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks.
Although I haven't seen it myself, a friend told me that you can buy RIT (dye)brand product that washes in UV protection into your clothes. Is keeping baby in the shade as good as using sunscreen? We play outside everyday and I hate to use sunscreen that often if keeping him in the shade is good enough. DS will be 8mo next week.
DS, 7mo is unvaxxed. We would really like to go to Italy and France this summer with him for vacation and regular tourist stuff. Anything specific I need to be aware of? How safe would you feel traveling with your unvaxxed baby? Would you have a different response if I told you we were thinking of going on a Carribean cruise? thanks.
I love my hotsling and my Baby Hawk Mei Tai. What should I try next?
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