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Delurking to say:Just a reminder that if you are the father - you have the right to see your child. You can pursue joint custody and liberal visitation. I suggest asking legal counsel to help you draw up a parenting plan that will maximize your access to your daughter.
Document this - but agree to change NOTHING.   She has already proven herself to be extremely manipulative. Do not trust her at all. Stay the course. Seek legal counsel if you can.
She's proven herself to be very manipulative. Document everything. Everything.   I would also suggest seeking joint custody - as I wouldn't trust her to follow through on visitation if it's not ironed out in court.
I'm de-lurking to say the following:   Your girls are as similar looking as my (identical twin) sister and I. I would say they are identical.  Feel free to get the test if you like. My sister and I were never tested; it was fairly obvious as time went on though.
I think Eleanor is great!   Also, he does know that Buffy was a long time ago, right? Very few people would make the connection.
I usually don't post...   but I thought I'd ask. What about Gwen? Or Gwenllian?  
Bolding mine, I don't usually post - I'm a not mama-yet lurker. But I have been to teacher's college. And want to add that testing giftedness before 3rd grade is known to be unreliable because of that exact reason.
I am not a parent. But I couldn't help noticing this thread. I'd advise saying nothing and allowing your daughter to make her own choices about whether or not (or how) she wants to groom her pubic hair. Or at the very least wait until she brings it up.   Edited to add: It may not bother her after all. Or it just may not be on her radar yet, plenty of time for her to figure out what she wants to do with it.
You could tell him Santa is a story character that some people pretend is real around this time of year. And those people celebrate Christmas. But your family doesn't.   Edited to add: I think he would eventually be able to understand that he is Muslim and has other holidays but not Christmas.  Santa is so pushed at schools though, so I see why he'd buy into it and think that he was doing what the other kids are. ( I am not Muslim- but I am also not Christian, so my...
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