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Hi there, Not sure I can help tons here, but I can tell you my worms are in a Can O' Worms over a year and no smell. My neighbor and I have shared tid bits over a year with our worm colonies. I just took a recommendation from her to cover my top feeding area (the upper most chamber) with Coconut Hair which is what is used for wire hanging baskets and my Home Depot had a zillion shapes and choices. I bought the biggest one and cut to shape. It keeps smells down and fruit...
We use a product called 'Captain Jack's Bug Off' about $10.00 retail. BT for everything else dilluted in a water bottle. I have used every other product which failed including predator bugs and the birds just ate my berries and cats all pooped in my bark.
Before I began using Sluggo Plus (meant for both earwigs & slugs) I used shallow cups of veg oil set in soil with 1 tsp. of soy sauce level and I got 10 every morning!!!
Hello San Diegans! I'm in Mission Hills to be exact so it's considered Coastal. I imagine the coast line fog and dampness helps us along and how the "June Gloom" is still with us at end of July is beyond me! I have wine barrels full of peppers and tomatoes. Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, and one Mulberry tree. Slugs and worms are my biggest challenge but we do Sluggo Plus (which also kills earwigs which will eat your garden alive!), and BT for worms. Currently,...
shred up your newspapers as much as you can or do it in a paper shredder if you have one.
NO! I do believe in Solar Warming however.
A friend just sent me this info today: http://www.d-mer.org/
Hi All, I am considering buying my 17mos DD playstands but what is too young? Any great deals right now on any makers/websites that you know of? I love the arches with play silk above. Thank You!
In both my pregnancies I suffered with this an my Ob said to begin taking Oyster Shell Calcium suppliments sold at any drug store and they immediately went away! My MIL is from France and an old wives tale is to put a bar of french soap called Savon Marsilles (sp?) by your feet at night to ward off any cramps. I also tried this and it WORKED!!! It's the big block of soap you see in stores.
LeCreuset knob handle question: http://www.lecreuset.co.uk/en-us/Care--Use/Cast-Iron/ Phenolic knobs and handles are oven safe to 375°F / 190°C. Cast Iron handles and stainless steel knobs can be used at any oven temperature and under the broiler.
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