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I see this on the homepage referencing the Expert Q&A: Quote: How can I gain healthy weight while nurising? Also, any way to remove the 'blah, blah' smilie from the quote section? I really love the quotes and don't love that smilie, seems like it is saying the quotes are a bunch of useless jabber. Thanks!
You know, Peggy O'Mara wrote a very interesting thing on the chat this week. The discussion/question was working outside the home and the harm to young children. She said with severe seperation from mother before age 3, you get psychosis (in the child). Before age 5, you get neurosis. All the research supports this, it is simply what we know now, not what some 'alternative' person out there is claiming. The studies on children and childcare support Peggy's...
I've received a couple of holiday invitations to our local Friends/Quaker church this month. All the invites list their 'worship services'. Who do Quakers worship? How do they worship? I was under the mistaken impression that Quakers weren't a worship type of religion.
Great names! Phineas and Hazel - love the names.
Don't turn into your mother! I sent you a PM!
Quote: Originally Posted by aussiemum I beg your pardon? what's up with that, PurpleBasil? I have the same question - what is up with calling a mother that?
MDC Copyright Violation
Quote: In a few years, you may change your mind about wanting to spend only with nuclear during that week Indigomama, 'deanna', the OP isn't talking about a week, only Xmas Day. Quote: After our first child was born, dh and I decided to start a tradition of spending Christmas Day at home (previously, we had traded off years spending that day at MIL's or at my parent's).
Quote: Originally Posted by maya43 So if someday you are widowed (god forbid) you have NO problem with being told that you are not welcome at your kids house on Christmas day? Is that why one should do this or that? Because of a (pretend, in this case) threat that if we don't, we will be punished in the future should our circumstances change? If she is widowed and needs love more than ever in the absence of her life partner, and her...
Quote: "Mothering will never get the respect it deserves until all mothers learn to respect one another. It's a plain and simple fact."- Laura I do not respect all mothers. Or fathers. Uncles, aunts, grandparents, sisters, brothers. Simply because someone has a child/got pregnant/adopted doesn't earn my respect. I don't respect all animals because they have offspring, either. Procreation doesn't make someone respect worthy. There are many...
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