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Thanks, everyone! I'm learning a lot, too. Thanks alexisyael, off to read the link now and will be back. Thanks, applejuice, I didn't know any of that and now am thinking very hard.
I'm sorry for such a terrible Title to this post! When a mama is pregnant, she is carrying a child with the father's (for lack of a better word right now) genes in the child. The pregnant woman's bloodstream has genes in it from the fetus, yes? Those cross the placental barrier into the mama's bloodstream, I think? So the woman is circulating her partner's genes via the fetus? I read this recently and have absolutely no links to prove/disprove. But it is an...
Maybe not!
This one: I've read quite a bit recently: mean, sarcastic, patronizing posts here and those posts have all included that smilie. Sometimes four or five times in one post! Does that make the rude statement easier to swallow? Or prevent it from editing? Or is it a further stab to the gut? Why use that smilie when you are posting something hurtful?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nursing Mother I believe the gift of salvation is free, not based upon condition of how one lives, but only acceptance of the One who freed you from that sin nature you are born with. .....and to think it is all possible.....that is really the amazing part!!! amazing, indeed. Aussiemum, was your question answered? I think not. Here's the thing, Nursing Mother: your use of the Xian vernacular dances...
Can someone explain to me why anyone would consider this worth celebrating? What is the basis for this 'holiday'? Thanks!
And remember Live Aid? When Freddy Mercury was alive? Sigh. I miss the 80's.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I think Lucifer is far worse than Christ as names go. Jeez! I cannot imagine naming a child that. Or Judas. But you're right, Lucifer is a very beautiful name.
Nah, won't see it. Can't really see movies as people already mentioned. I try to avoid stuff with triggers for me... a movie with an anorectic just isn't wise for me to see.
New Posts  All Forums: