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Gosh, that brings up memories for me. Anyone else get teary and wistful about the way back days when Band Aid first happened? I know we have a lot of young mamas on this board, heck young women who aren't mamas and I'm an oldie who remembers when Bananarama were cool, but I miss those days sometimes. Like the new version well enough and GREAT on Sir Bob for turning popular focus to Sudan.
We have two couples we've known since college. One couple had a son two years ago and his first name is Christ. Second couple had a baby two months ago and his middle name is Christ. Is this popular? I had no idea that either couple would use the name Christ as they are Xmas, Easter church attenders at best. Has anyone here name their child Christ? Is this similar to 'Jesus'?
Quote: Originally Posted by heldt123 Seems like you guys have a lot of unresolved hatred. Quote: Originally Posted by heldt123 however, I disagree with making nasty remarks about people who believe differently. Quote: Originally Posted by heldt123 I don't go around picking on them and attacking them personally. :yawning:
How did you conceive the other children? Is this a recent thing (that it's a problem), b/c your schedules have changed? I agree with EFMom, share if you find the answer! We've considered hiring a babysitter for 20 minutes for 'adult time' but I'm too embarrassed to have the babysitter downstairs knowing she is there so we can have sex. I wouldn't be able to relax.
Does the other mom know what you want to do in the case (god forbid) your daughter is injured in any way? What if your daughter says she wants to come home, does the Mom try to talk her out of it or give you a call? I'd wonder about older siblings, male or female, will they be asked to supervise if mom can't/is busy/gets a phonecall? If your daughter has any food restrictions, I'd communicate that, too. Does your daughter feel comfortable going to the potty...
Famous folk talk about mania and depression, including Linda Hamilton. A bit from her interview: Quote: Linda and Terminator director James Cameron soon married, but her manic depression threatened this relationship, too. "By the time Jim and I were together, I was really spiraling out of control," says Linda. "I fought him, I fought everything about his life." Her second marriage was beginning to crumble, and after their daughter was born, Linda says her...
676 adverse effects is a heck of a lot. Shameful. I couldn't do an abortion this way. The medical/surgical abortion is scary but the chemical version I just could not do.
No, I feel more guilt. No, she feels less guilt. No, they feel the most guilt of all! Thank you, Cynthia for your post in this thread and clarifying lots of things. I've really enjoyed reading most of this thread and continue to read through the SAHP threads currently in PI. Very much looking forward to a forum someday. A huge thank you to all the mamas who have repeated themselves over and over in the last months. Thank you for your courage and tenacity...
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