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This is not the first time I've heard of this prejudice from MOMS (in this forum) and frankly, I'm not sure why anyone could be in such a group. The explicit from the top statement is so anti breastfeeding, why do nursing moms even bother to belong to such an org? We rail against Walmart, Burger King, all these places where NIP is discouraged. But hey, loads of these places don't have an official company statement on NIP! MOMS does and it sickens me.
Interesting, especially since this same scientist claims that homosexuality is in one's DNA. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medi...p?newsid=16378 Quote: Whether or not you are religious and believe in God is down to your genes, says Dean Harper, National Cancer Institute's Gene Structure Regulation Unit, USA. He reckons Jesus, Mohammed (the prophet) and Buddha probably carried the ‘God Gene' in them. Harper claims the VMAT2 gene is a ‘God Gene. The...
Thank you for the working link! Yeah! Too bad they are all sold out, no date when my TV B Gone will be shipped. I hoped to have it for the increased level of 'must see' programming during the holidays. But I'll wait and enjoy my TV B Gone when it arrives. Just hope the credit card statement doesn't show that title b/c I want to use it covertly against my DH's tv viewing.
Does anyone know of any support/recovery groups for adults who were parented the Dobson way? I have quite a few friends who struggle to recover from this style of parenting. My extended family also has many adult children who have heaps of issues as a direct result of Dobson-parenting. Any resources?
Has anyone had luck buying the TV B Gone? I've googled and tried to find it but can't for months now and am frustrated. I see it referenced so much like here: http://www.tvp.org/links.html But even their hotliink doesn't work. Any success stories buying this thing? Thanks!
I think it's a bad idea. Being honest here. I think 12 month olds should be media free. I think it is insanely loud in a theatre and sure, maybe a 12 week old could nap but a one year old? What if you have to leave b/c the one year old needs to go/crying/whatever - your four year old has to leave, too? How would that feel? I'm no fan of children's flicks, especially this holiday season. So I'm biased.
Sorry, who (besides Nursing Mother) ever claimed God was unconditional? I've never heard that God is that. Omnipresent? Omnipotent? Omniscient? Yup. But not unconditional. The very basis of the accepted Christian salvation is fundamentally conditional. For God so loved the world....that whosoever should believe in him, shall have eternal life. That's the condition for salvation - you don't get it otherwise, in the popular Christian tradition. Nursing...
Quote: Originally Posted by colaga Didn't the man who fathered Liz Hurley's son insist for the longest time that there was no chance baby was his and didn't he demand a paternity test? After all this he goes to insist that child gets circumcised! What a guy Steven Bing is apparently good enough for Nicole Kidman, as they are dating. So glad Hurley's son escaped the circ!
I agree with you that rewards like toys/free for all treats are not wise with regard to surgeries. Or anything else behavior related for that matter. Rewards (and punishments) have no scientific basis for behavior motivation or emotional health. That said, I think sometimes parents can feel so fricking awful about what their child is going through that they will do anything to bring a smile to their child's face. It is terrifying, ime, to watch your child on a gurney...
This is an issue just doesn't seem to get any better, ime. I was watching Kirstie Alley on Oprah today, talking about her (Alley's) weight gain. She said: Quote: Kirstie says that her weight holds her back from something she really enjoys…sex! "Well, I don't want to have fat sex, you know," Kirstie says. "I've been celibate for four and a half years, because I think I've become like a born-again virgin. It's by...
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