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I've sent a request that this thread be closed. Thank you to those members who were so kind to express your thoughts and feelings in a productive manner. AdrienneWe, I'm inspired by your zeal and congrats on finding what works so well for you and your boy. Keep up the education here!
Quote: Originally Posted by laralou I find it simply impossible to imagine that you believe there is an ounce of truth in that statement. So I will not even try. Thanks for letting me know there is no possibility of clarifying my point to you. An ounce of truth? Yes, that's what I believe (more than an ounce) after reading this book and it stings a lot when you write stuff like this. Whatever.
Thanks, DaryLLL! Empty pulpit means the conversation gets real for the non churchians, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaToFallon I think I'm missing something... How exactly is it a bad thing to have world peace? Because in Matthew 5:9, Jesus said: Quote: Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. and in Romans 16:20, 1 Thess 5:23 the Bible says that God is a 'God of peace' and Christ made peace by the dying on the cross (Colossians 1:20). Peace is a fruit of the Spirit so if you...
Where are the figures for Christ believers accounting for '2% of the world's population'? I don't think it's okay to tell MamatoFallon she is 'wrong'.
Quote: Originally Posted by bec Why don't you just throw the book out and find the way that works best for your family. Because I love to read current parenting books and discuss! I really do. If I don't read it, when it's recommended to me, I will have nothing to say. Maybe not so black and white but imo, the data against television viewing (for children) is very compelling. It might be that the only way to have a tv free home is to be...
You said it, bugmomma! I think I did myself a huge service by never signing up. Just did the zones, routine, sink, hot spots and missions. I honestly thought I might be doing it wrong all this time because I read so many complaints about flylady. I would never want emails like that, just as I would never want a message board where I would discuss how I cleaned that day, the mission, etc. Flylady has given me enough structure and flexibility to regain some sanity...
I completely agree with meowee and stafl on the predominance of Biblical references (covert) in Bush's speeches. It is troublesome to me as well. But as stafl identified, it is a targeted marketing effort toward evangelicals. Rove himself corrected the mistakes of 2000 by NOT being middle of the road, moderate and appealing directly to evangelicals. You're right, meowee, Bush doesn't write any speeches. The Turd Blossom writes everything for him.
Quote: (ya know the dawning of the age of Aquarius) What are you talking about?
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