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Quote: Originally Posted by DaryLLL Right there with ya! Please pass the grass pellets, this goat is hungry.
Tanibani, I've heard these predictions, too. I've read both that the flu epidemic (and vaccine shortage) and AIDS are the plagues similar to what God had to do to wipe out some wickedness/save His people (from Pharoah).
Sorry to take this thread off track, but want to answer the questions on Kate Winslet. http://www.guardian.co.uk/health/sto...175608,00.html Quote: Kate Winslet recently admitted that one aspect of her fabulous image was a lie. Her dark secret? Not drug addiction, plastic surgery or eating disorders, but childbirth. Mia, her four-year-old daughter with her first husband Jim Threapleton, was born by caesarean section and not, as Winslet announced at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nursing Mother Kaki's, white shocks, brim hat, belly, weighted down with cameras. You get the picture . Desperately trying to understand 50% of what is said in this thread. Sheep, goats, cows, locusts, gist, 'white shocks'? I think you mean 'Khakis', yes? But I'm not understanding the American 'shocks'.
what is Orpah? Julia won't breastfeed. But maybe she will lie about it like Kate Winslet did about her c section baby (first child). Winslet told the world she had a natural, vaginal birth.
I'm thinking of mangomama (Jennifer) and a handful of others I've read about over the years. I wonder about all mamas who feel they must leave their partner and children for something else. But I guess I muse about AP and NFL mamas more because that life is closer to my own. I know it's an unreasonable wish, but after reading a lot from certain mamas and then poof, nothing (when they left their families), I wonder about them sometimes. On the days when I've had...
Has anyone tried homeopathics as well? Sulphur is supposed to be a good remedy. It's SO hard to stay away from dairy and wheat, for us, especially the latter. But the eczema is bumming me out so bad. 1 in 10 babies has it but I don't know if that counts breastfed babes. Anyone tried topical remedies? I read that buttpaste is supposed to do wonders.
I know I've been very emotional about the pumpkin muffin thing. It was the full moon and election. I've made more pumpkin muffins and bread in the last two weeks than in the last two years. Nothing quite satisfies my craving - but I'm at peace with it all now.
I hear ya, I'm so lost on that site now along with sheintouch.com. I just received my feather duster and I'm confused how this is supposed to get cobwebs off my ceiling which is why I ordered it. I have been flying for about a year and I never signed up for the daily emails, never read the book, never bought anything except for the duster. I ignored all that. Just follow zones and mission. Plus she has some weird books promoted on that site and I don't agree with...
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