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Quote: Originally Posted by IdentityCrisisMama I heard this quote, "It's like running a day care center with someone you used to date." in a movie last night and nearly lost it :LOL. I love it! Dh was :LOL too. So true, some days. Please tell me where the day care center is for only one child! Never heard of such a thing. But for those of us with more than one, yeah, I love that quote!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nursing Mother I agree with prediction # 3.....totally. They'll be a seperation....thats for sure. I believe now there is really only "one thing" holding us together. I pray for unity, but in my heart I know it won't come. The prediction is bleak imo, yet true. I do not understand. You fully supported prediction #1, you made prediction #2 come true via your actions and now you agree with prediction...
Why mock beliefs you don't share?
zatfigmama and Rie&Bugsmom: thank you!!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamadawg They did, but that only addresses one problem in the whole McDonald's/fast food issue, doesn't it? Where did I say that addressed the whole issue? Jeez. Where did you ask for McD damage control that addresses the whole issue? You asked: Quote: I wonder what kind of damage control McDonald's has done in response to this film. Does anyone know? And I gave you one thing McD has done. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamadawg I wonder what kind of damage control McDonald's has done in response to this film. Does anyone know? I thought McD did away with the SuperSize portion altogether? They've recently removed the Golden Arches symbols in the UK and replaced them with golden question marks. Yes, weird. But it is supposed to evoke curiousity about their new, improved, low fat food menu items. Consumption of McD's in the UK...
In your Paypal account profile, what do you have designated as your primary payment method? You can set up your account to pay from your paypal funds. Do you have sufficient funds to cover the transaction?
My son is 3 years and hasn't had it yet. Won't be vaxed. I know the risks for adults but is there a good time to try to have him exposed to the virus? Should I consider other factors like having a baby in the house, etc? Thanks!
Thanks for responding! He does spit it out, he's a little over 3. I was thinking the same thing with the xylitol. He also likes to chew the Spiffies and spit that out. Why would gum be a bad idea? Sorry if that sounds stupid, I want to make sure I'm weighing all the risks.
I peeked at your thread but alas, I'm only political, not spiritual. Not praying or energy sending/believing, superstitous. Sorry! But thanks for sending me off to take a peek. I missed that thread earlier.
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