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i was reading about international travel and the authors talked about how difficult it was when she was nursing. I've never heard of such a thing, have you? Quote: It is even worse for very young children and nursing mothers. The worst few days of our parenting life were spent in a Seattle motel on our way to grandma's in Ohio from Japan. Our oldest was nursing 100% and my wife's milk was still stuck on the Japan day-night cycle. This meant my daughter...
I've read all I can about cell phones and the controversy about wireless and cancer. What about other wireless devices like LANs? I use a laptop and keep the wireless card the recommended distance from my child (if he is sleeping next to me and I'm on it) but I feel nervous. Does anyone have research or info on wireless? Thanks!
Anyone else seeen these advertised? They say it's for when you can't (or in my son's case won't) brush your teeth. Chew the gum and clean your teeth. Is this something that can be used for toddlers who struggle to brush well? Thanks.
I'm off to make Cathe's recipe. Thank you for the offer of the bread like pumpkin muffins but I just made some using baking powder and hated them. Sorry, I like a more cakey muffin, I think. Something about that baking powder just set me off. I'll report back on the pumpkin bread. So excited. Cortlong, I pm'd you, too but maybe it's just not meant to be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bippity You're right - I'll see if I can change it to an &. Sorry, I wasn't clear the first time. Is it really 'and'? People do both, every time? Or is Attachment Parenting different (and vice versa) from Natural Family Living in some ways? Is it either/or? Someone like Dr. Sears is well known for Attachment Parenting, for example, but he is very quiet on most essentials of Natural Family Living.
Why is there a / between AP and NFL?
Just to add to the mix! Quote: The Nordic country may have been boasting for decades about its fantastic parental pay and rights packages and its nurseries on every street corner, but according to a leading academic in the field, we have all been duped. Dr Catherine Hakim, a sociologist at the London School of Economics who specialises in women's employment and women's issues, says in a book out this week that what we have been told about the Swedish...
Quote: Originally Posted by Elphaba Frankly, that "ideal" woman sounds like a crashing bore. I like women who curse when they trip over the dog and drop the dinner on the floor; who stains in their toilets; who have a cup of coffee or a cigarette in the morning and a cocktail at night; who let their kids watch TV so they can read a real book with more than 20 pages. Know what I'm saying? I do a lot of the stuff on that list, but its not like that...
Not in a command sort of tone...more of 'what do you want me to say then?!' and filling in the gaps. Do you tell your partner what you need to hear? Does he/she then say it? Do you feel better? I don't. But I hate with a passion that he doesn't 'get it'. I've read John Gray, Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, Hendrix couple, gone to sooo many different counselors, different therapeautic models, individual, couples counseling, the works. With a ton of self help tapes, books...
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