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Quote: Originally posted by DebraBaker ......a gay man is no more likely to be a pediphile than a straight fellow. Actually, nearly 100% of pedofiles are heterosexual males. So a gay man is incredibly less likely to ever be a pedofile, compared with a 'straight fellow'.
Whine on your own thread, kama'aina mama.
Quote: Originally posted by WagTheCat Sometimes I wish the Brittish would keep their kids shows to themselves instead of scarring america's children for life. I've seen two interviews with Ragdoll founder Ann Wood, and she is utterly clueless. Do you mean the British? : How were America's children scarred for life - can you clarify this?
That's the point, Owl, to pique curiousity and motivate looking in the thread. The TAO board is full of such teasers.
I so hear you, Elphaba!! I feel exactly the same these days with two kids of mine having colds. Hey, aren't you moving to Germany? Good Lord, how are you going to get out and about then?
significant other you can look in the thread titled 'what do DD...mean' for help, too.
Sorry to return late to this thread. I do have fibromyalgia, unfortunately. I went to the doctor after reading the responses here and was diagnosed with fibro. I just cannot get restful sleep with my young kids - it's impossible and has been this way for years. It is hard. Thank you for all this info that helped me figure this out.
Love Queen!! Love 'Under Pressure'. Anyone fans of The Darkness? I love them and they remind me of a young Queen.
Does the placenta pulse post birth? I thought it was the umbilical cord pulsing that most watched (as some kind of sign for when to cut). :
Sorry, what does 'done me' mean? I have never heard of that before. I think you should be as honest wtih your DH as you are here and he will be glad for it.
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