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Can anyone recommend a great pediatric neurologist in NYC? Ds is six years old and has tics. I'm looking for someone who is not going to push meds, and even possibly would recommend natural alternatives. We're also looking mainly for parental guidance, as we already know what ds has, but I feel like we're not doing out best for him. Does that make sense? Obviously someone who is gentle and wonderful with children. Tia!
It's funny, because we ended up homeschooling for kindergarten this year, just by chance. And while I think we're finally starting to enjoy it, we plan on doing public school for next year. I think my son really needs a lot of socialization to be happy. The food factor will definitely be a concern of mine. I'll obviously be packing his lunch, but things like birthday treats at school is just something I'm not comfortable with. It'd almost be easier to say he can't have...
Great info mamas, thank you! I guess I'm a little confused now about celiac blood testing for my 6 year old. He has a check up next week and I was going to ask our doctor to run the celiac panel. I would prefer to at least run this test on the small chance he would test positive. If he doesn't, then we'll continue to be gluten free as much as possible at home, based on my own opinion and how I feel.
I have read it could be a sign of gluten intolerance. I'm not sure if that means allergy related, or that the gluten causes mucus in the sinuses causing restricted blood flow.
I'm wondering the same thing. I've never found wild shrimp anywhere.
I'm wondering if one of these cities has better air quality. I thought anything by the water was best, but then I googled air quality of marina del Ray and it got a 2 out of 100! I guess because it's near the airport and ports? We used to love in Pasadena and my son had a cold every month. Not sure if it was the air or what. But I hear Pasadena has the worst air quality on all of LA. We might be moving back in the fall and would like to prevent sickness again. Do different...
Oh would you please share your experience and symptoms? Hearing all different journeys really does help me learn. If greatly appreciate it!
Could post nasal drip hurt a tummy?
I'm definitely bringing him to the doctor, don be sorry! if it were strep, wouldn't he have a fever and sore throat? He did have what I think was the flu last week for a couple of days. Swollen glands, low fever etc.
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