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My son is afraid of loud noises. It is a perfectly normal kid fear. I find that he is more at ease if I can SHOW him where the noise is coming from before it starts (vacuum, dishwasher, etc). I explain why the thing makes noise (in a simplistic way). After a loud noise episode, when he is calm and feels safe, we talk about what made the noise, that it is okay to be afraid, that he is safe, and imitate the noise in a fun way (the hair dryer goes VVRRRMMMM!). I never allow...
Mama advice needed... how long do you let diarrhea and general sickness (taking two naps a day and needing to lay down between ten minutes bursts of playtime) go before you seek medical attention? He doesn't seem dehydrated but is squirting out everything he takes in :( This is day three. Day one involved vomiting, but that hasn't happened since. He is drinking breastmilk, plain pedialyte and white grape juice. I offer crackers and yogurt when he wants to eat, which...
I LOVE Thirsties. Unfortunately they run small and he is growing out of the largest size they will not fit the bulk needed for nighttime for sure.
I forgot to mention that I am on a very tight budget. I could probably get away with spending about $50 more for covers that don't stink or other reccommendations. The motherease cover worked last night, though the trifold method is very bulky and he can't sleep with his knees together I'm mainly concerned with him still being a bit too wet. Would another layer of fleece help?
I am switching from using sposies at night for my 30 pound and growing two year old DS.  We have some toddler prefolds and covers.  The Bummis covers I bought get really stinky after just one use, and he seems too wet even though I added a fleece liner. I am trying a Motherease cover tonight, but it seems so loose that I'm afraid the trifolded prefold will shift, and we'll have a leak. I really don't want to use snappis at night. Any tips? What covers/liners work for a...
I don't know if I can get my SAHD to lose the snappy. He is quite set in his ways.  I'll work on it!
They are unbleached Indian, but I got them on Amazon.  They might not be the best quality... Also I think my husband uses the snappy a bit too tight :(  I took the middle snappy claw out to try to prevent more holes.
We have been using the same size prefolds for a year or more now.  Some of them are starting to get holes in the first layer (big and small).  I wonder if that is from using a snappi, or we have lower quality diapers, or maybe this is just the life of a prefold. Has anyone else had this experience?
Thanks for the recs everybody!!!
I still love Thirsties, but my DS is 26 pounds and growing out of size two in the duo covers. The fitted sized large still has some room to grow, but I fear they won't last until he is out of diapers. He is built like a football player, though, so this might not happen to everyone.
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