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We use a dresser, but are just moving to the bed/floor because he is too big for it (he kicks everything down). I don't think I could have dealt with using the floor for those frequent diaper changes and blowouts in the beginning.
Since I am sleeping with him and don't want to roll over in pee later, I do wake him. He rarely has leaks, though.
Is there life after Thirsties? My 26 pound 11 month old son is getting too big for the size two in the duo. He still might fit in the Large size in the fitted, but we only have two of those and I would like to get something that would last a little longer. For the Thirsties lovers out there, what did you switch to when they grow out of them? What diaper covers are good for big babies? I would love something affordable with snaps or a pull up that isn't vinyl. Thanks!
Sometimes DS's poop is so thick and sticky that I have to use a spatula (never used for cooking lol) to scrape it off his CD.
I bought those bibs from IKEA, and any liquidy food goes right through them. I take his shirt off and use a hand towel and a clothes pin. It covers his lap under the tray for crumby/messy food. I don't know what I will do once he figures out he can pull it off his neck though!
That's what dogs are for, lol! I'm big into the exploring food (aka make a mess) camp, though I admit there are times I don't let him have the spoon because I don't have time for the mess. I also schedule messy foods (like hard boiled egg yolk, avocado slices, and broccoli) around bath time to make life easier.
I've gone back and forth depending on if he is going through a phase with longer stretches of sleep (oh how I miss those lol). Now I usually just wear an old tshirt with boob slits cut out and hope that any leaks will just go on the shirt. I also put presure on it as PP mentioned... if I'm awake enough to notice
My eight month old had breast milk all day. Breakfast - 2-3 Trader Joe-O's (I offer him a small amount of these every morning to practice his not yet mastered pincer grasp and feed a couple to him if he wants me to.) Lunch - Banana and yoghurt Dinner - Steamed carrots and broccoli (what a mess!!!)
Whole milk yoghurt is yummy mixed with lots of different things. I just introduced DS to hard boiled egg yolks, and he loves them. I also heard that hard boiled egg yolks are good used to thicken smoothies or purees.
Quote: Originally Posted by Abraisme I put my DD in her highchair starting around 4mo. She was close to sitting at that point, but still unstable. I just shoved a small pillow in next to her to keep her upright. I think it's fine. Same here.
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