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Lol! I could have written this! I swiffer with a wet rag before putting him down, and he still ends up covered in pet hair and dirt within seconds.
I started a bedtime routine with ds a month ago (at six months) and he is still a bit unpredictable with naps. The only issue I have with his randomness is that if he naps after 4 it takes close to an hour to get him to sleep compared with 15-20 minutes when he doesn't take that late afternoon nap. I figure he'll hit a routine on his own soon... And then change it, lol! The bedtime routine has saved my sanity, though. We start at 6:30 with a bath, massage, books, then...
Olive oil!
Most babies have their days and nights mixed up. We have to help them straighten them out. Starting at around 7PM, make it night in your home. Dim the lights and don't speak or speak in hushed tones. Hold her, rock her, etc., but don't play with baby or make eye contact (this is hard to do, I know, but eye contact is like a shot of espresso for a baby). Basically do not do anything stimulating. In the morning, make the house daytime by turning on the lights and opening...
Ds gets sweaty and red in the face. He tended to overheat in zippered pjs that don't breathe, so I got rid of those.
I wash everything before using it. The fabric has been stored in warehouses with rat poison and treated with who knows what kinds of chemicals.
I don't think it does any harm used in moderation. My babe would never sleep in his unfortunately (we had to go on lots of car rides to get him to sleep those first few months and still do every now and then), but he would enjoy being in it for about 20 minutes. That was just the right amount of time to eat dinner
Quote: Originally Posted by zinemama I did the narrating thing, too. "Now I'm going to chop up the parsley. Mm, parsley. Couldn't stand it when I was pregnant but now it's just as yummy as ever. Now, where is the big knife. Oh, here it is. Chop, chop!" That kind of thing. Yeah, you feel a little silly at first. This... although I do have periods when I am quiet. I think babies need quiet time just like anyone else.
I think maybe you all are right about the bad timing. He's just turning seven months. I think I'll return the book to the library and revisit it later on. It's not helping now, and I've been trying the methods for a few weeks. I hope he hasn't developed a complex about the nipple thing
http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/...lti-race_N.htm I just love this and thought I would share it here. The photo gallery is great too!
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