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It could be normal if the weight is proportionate to the height. My family has big babies and one of my nephews was monitored for gigantism when he was a baby. He is now shorter than his younger brother!
DH or I hold DS and watch TV after he falls asleep between 7-10PM. He goes to bed with me when I am ready to go to bed!
I have to chime back in the jeans thing. I didn't realize there was a controversy! DS has several pairs that are soft and comfy. They're just like any other pants, but soft worn denim. I'm a jeans addict, so I didn't think twice about putting him in jeans. A friend commented that he was dressed "too grown up" when he had his jeans on, but that hadn't even crossed my mind.
Good for you and your DH for being good examples of what should be "normal." I stayed at my in-laws for a few days when DS was 3 months old. My FIL kept leaving the room whenever I breastfed. I'm not sure if he was uncomfortable or trying to give me privacy. After a day, he just started leaving while we were latching on/off. By the end of the trip he stayed in the room for the whole process, talking to me like nothing was going on It felt like a little victory to me.
We are happily co-sleeping in a Queen with a crib side-cared but rarely used. I really want to change to a King on the floor (for safety) when he starts crawling, though. He isn't getting any smaller, and it would just be a little bit easier.
I use lanolin on my lips, and it works great. I would also suggest adding some oil supplements (Vit E, Fish Oil, or something similar) to your regime if you don't take them already.
Awesome! You are my hero!
BM can keep at room temp for up to 10 hours, depending on the room's actual temp (see link below for milk storage guidelines). If you are using frozen/refridgerated milk, I would put the bottle out ahead of time so it warms to room temp, and then just send it with them. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/milkstorage.html
Thanks everybody I ordered the Radian with all the discounts on Diapers.com. I drive a Minivan, but the seat also needs to go in my husband's sedan, so I'm hoping that we don't have a problem. Our infant seat was pretty bulky and it fit in there fine, so I'm not too worried.
I started with about 2 dozen flannel wipes (cut out of flannel and not sewn) and a one old t-shirt's worth of wipes (again cut not sewn). That didn't seem to be enough and they kept "disappearing." Okay, I admit I started using them for nighttime breast pads and random baby-related clean ups (snot and drool). We loved the t-shirt wipes because they were soft and absorbant, so I cut up a few more old shirts. I'm not sure how many we have now, but I'd estimate it at 4-5...
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