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What an amazing birth story! Thanks for sharing!
I'm still here. I'm 39 weeks 6 days and am patiently waiting for something to happen. I've been having some contractions, but nothing regular. The baby feels lower today, so maybe he/she is getting ready.
What a great birth story! Congratulations!
It was about 2:30 A.M. with my DS.
I agree that it sounds like Chlorine. What about Corrine?
Congratulations on your VBAC!
What a great birth story! Congratulations!
I know of one IRL. She was not a VBAC though as she had both of her older daughters vaginally. Her son did end up dying.
I'm 29 weeks and I've gained 15, but was overweight to begin with.
I would possibly use a name in the top 50, but not in the top 10 or 20.
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