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Also thinking good thoughts for you, WLL. can't wait to see the babes
Also thinking good thoughts for you, WLL. can't wait to see the babes
She's here! She was Born at 8:45 am mst at home, in the water & in the caul. 7# 3 oz, 19.75". Maydaymom's dh caught her. Wonderful quiet & peaceful birth. About 11 hours of labor. Name to come. Hooray!!! So happy for mayday
Maydaymom is in labor
Thinking good thoughts for you, Melany.
the heart ;) http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/21183603/adoptive-moms-photo-of-newborn-13-year-old-boy-goes-viral   it made me smile.. and maybe my eyes were sweating a little too. haha
Two years? I'm a fed. and I get 12 weeks unpaid max that sets back time in grade for a promotion day-for-day. I am also excluded from state temporary disability payments because I am a fed, but there is no tdp program for federal employees, just regular sick leave to be followed on by LWOP when that runs out. I love how everyone wants to get on their soapboxes and talk about "government fatcats" when the reality of the situation is we get boned coming and going, aside...
The pineapple core also has more of the bromelain, and canned pineapple won't help. (Not sure about freezing though, but I assume it's less damaging than canning to bromelain)    And have you considered maybe a tagine with the dates? Moroccan food seems to tame dried fruits like apricots and dates..
Congrats, Jodie!
I'm on the working 'til the bitter end train. I only have 40ish hours of leave on the books so I feel like it's somewhat important to at least get this last full paycheck before the impending doooom. ;) I am still trying to hash out how my medical coverage payments and that stuff will workout over my leave. Things I keep forgetting to ask people.. 
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