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My friend is up in the area and is looking for a birth class with a focus on natural birth are the classes offered at Birthways a good way to go? Has any one one taken classes here? She is not interested in either of the Hypno classes, but was interested in Bradley but can't do 12 weeks. Any information you have would be helpful!
ped. told me the under arm ones are better then the forehead and what they suggested we use. They are also cheap and easy to use. nak
I bought a wood teether from Etsy, and can't wait to see what DS thinks of it in the future.
a Quote: Originally Posted by stiss 2) Homebirths are AMAZING. Wouldn't you agree, however, that the most important thing is that moms feel safe and comfortable with their birthing CHOICE, whatever that may be? How lovely for you (and some of us) that we were able to express and fulfill our birthing preference? I will cheers you on this because we're truly fortunate to have had a complication-free birth. It rocks. You must have misunderstood me on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jilian Talulah I got a kick out of your post because there is a lot of truth to it. Things are so different when you have one infant versus multiple children. Things changed a LOT when my first little guy hit 18 mos or so and things weren't so easy anymore so I totally get what you're saying. I think we all deserve pats on the back whether or not we cosleep, have natural births or any other of the AP laundry list items. We...
Weird question how many bottles a week do you think it would take to effect your cycle? I find the idea it can to be interesting. nak
I am so proud of myself and I bet others are feeling proud too so share! Anyway what got me thinking about all this is that recently we found out my best friend is pregnant with her first and it has sent me back to thinking of all the things about my pregnancy, and what people told me when I was pregnant and I am so proud of how many I was able to prove wrong and how happy I am with some of my less "convientional" choices. I was able to have my natural birth, while...
I liked a name a lot before I was pregnant it was on the final list, but one look at DS I knew it was not his name. Saying that I actually had started to move away from that name earlier in my pregnancy, it never seemed to "fit". We decided early on we would wait till babe was here to settle on a name and we actually let the hospital with an unnamed child, we picked his name and made it official on day 3. I know this doesn't work for everyone or every pregnancy but it...
I have a friend in Alameda who is looking for 8 week or under Bradley Classes in the bay area. Thanks.
For those against candy why not have your kids tot for Unicef or something similar instead? http://www.unicef.org/support/14884.html I personally will not throw candy away, I hate some candy, but hate the idea of teaching my DS to waste more, personally. I think there are better options. nak
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