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My favorite tip is using baking soda to clean your microwave oven. Simply place a tablespoon of baking soda in a microwaveable bowl or cup of water, heat for 1.5 minutes on high or to boiling. Let the mixture sit in closed microwave for approx. 1 minute. Remove bowl and with towel wipe the inside of the microwave. You can also use the baking soda water to remove any tough spots. This tip can really save you time, money and won't leave you with any chemical residue.
Handmade coconut milk and shea butter soap, but mostly just water.
Nope totally wrong for my predicted girl DS
I am curious about this pay fast pass. Disney offers Fast Passes that are free but I have never heard of a pay version. Curious!
What moisturizer are you using? Are you getting enough water? Your problem may not be external, but if it is sugar scrubs can be very helpful. nak
I was wondering if anyone knew a place online or local to Los Angeles County or Ventura County to try and sell a mostly unused Birth kit? I know I can try here but I would prefer not to ship so thought I would see if anyone knew of any local places first. Thanks!
Ky was 8lbs 2oz when he was born, 8lbs even when we left the next day, and 9lbs 2oz at his two week check up I know he must be well over 10lbs now at 6 weeks (well as of Midnight he will be 6 weeks ), but he is so long he is still in his 0-3 month, but I am guessing not for much longer!
I am on the other side, at 4 weeks post partum I started back to classes. I could have gone back sooner physically but I could not leave my DS until I was ready to start doing a bottle of EBM. It was a bit hard at first leaving him but I loved being back in class! I hope I have time to get in some practice and a class this week while MIL and BIL are in town, since I will be performing my first solo back next week, I will be just past 6 weeks post partum, I think most...
nak I find it funny we are having a reverse version of this with a totally different result. MIL and BIL (whose almost 8) are coming to visit the baby and they tend to eat much more "mainstream" foods where we are much more towards healthy eating. She thought nothing of saying they will be shopping when they get here. While I am a little less then thrilled to have meat cooked in the house (long time vegetarian) and was fine cooking meatless things they would be...
Quote: Originally Posted by shinaabikwe My dh is currently embroidering a sugar skull on a onesie for our yet to be born child! We have a lot of calavera themed art and craft around the house, its part of dh's heritage and something that I've always found beautiful. Death is just a part of life right? Plus dh and I met on Dia de los Muertos! And the whole pirate/skull thing has been in for awhile now. My friend's daughter has been rocking that look...
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