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Dia de los Muetros and the skulls always said to me, "remember we all must die, but today is for the living, be happy and live well"!!! For this reason I have no problem with me or my child wearing skulls, in fact my DS already has a small stockpile of skulls in many different styles for his future clothing. I normally hate trends and avoid them, but since I liked skulls before it became trendy, I refuse (just like in school) to change just because the trends moved to...
Quote: Originally Posted by JTA Mom There is, but none carry lye. I found Essential Depot (online) for the lye. It has the best prices, and comes split up into 2lb childproofed bottles. I finished curing my first batch--one lard and one olive oil. Both feel wonderful! However, my olive oil soap feels 'tingly' after I use it. Does that mean it's lye heavy? Would a longer cure time solve this? Ami Tingly is too much lye, try curing more,...
One thing I found is you can find Lye/Caustic Soda at some Farm type Feed Stores. You might have to buy larger amounts this way but they have really good prices on the Lye.
Woo hoo!! Congrats on the nip!!!!! I have been loving my sling for nip, so far so good. nak
Total newbie question, what is the best way to store pumped breast milk? For Same Day use or future ues? Also how long is it good for? Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by maddymama Ummm.... drink a beer every night (or once every few nights.....).... For some reason, every time I drink a beer (hate the stuff, btw), I have a HUGE letdown and waayyyy overproduce for a feeding or two. This doesn't happen for me with wine, so I think it's something in the beer. Oatmeal also helps me with increasing my supply. I try to make steele cut oats in the crockpot overnight... buying them in bulk is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kismet_fw Oh come on, no one yet thought of David Bowie as the Goblin King in the Labyrinth? "Magic Dance" ("You remind me of the babe") and "As The World Falls Down" are two I like alot. Due to the most perfect mistake by our DJ, played "As the World Falls Down" when DH and our wedding party walked down the aisle at our wedding. Fantastic songs!!
Quote: Originally Posted by gcgirl I could go with Graydon, but Graytan - too much like Tarzan Greystoke. Yeah this!
I love "Hey Jude" by the Beatles and have started to sing it to DS when he gets grumpy. I also want to start singing this song to him, it's called "lullaby" from Assemblage 23 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlzQqToPchM I love this song.
Sage- I love the rattles! Have you seen some of the one's on Etsy? I just bought on from this shop for Ky and I am waiting to get it, they are so beautiful! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id...ion_id=6059924 For Ky I might make a few things for him, but otherwise I might wait and let the Rocking Horse we splurged on be his gift since it might be a while before it is finished.
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