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nak thank you for telling me this is normal!! Interesting thing is since I noticed he was sleeping I haven't tried to nurse till he was clearly awake and he does seem to wake up less. Though I still have a hard time sleeping through it. Thank heavens for DH!!!
nak ky does this too I hate it but it appears normal, m/w said so too.
I am wondering if this is normal, during the day Ky sleeps normally on Dh or I, or will lay down, and while occassionally he makes noise or throws his arms, but obviously is still asleep. But at night he seems to be moving, stretching and even rooting, but when I try to latch him on he won't. Then last night I started to connect that he actually was asleep. Is it normal for babies to have this type of active sleep? And for them only to have it at certain times of day?
For years I have heard about how preveilant fake amber is on the market, how do you make sure you are putting real amber on your child and not just resin?
nak Well I made it through ok, and so far Ky seems completely uneffected by his first bottles : He seems to be going through a growth spurt and all he does is eat and eat. It is extra hard though because DH wants to be involved with Ky and was so excited to give him the bottles. Hopefully my class time will give us all what we want without negatively effecting BF. Thanks guys!
DS has been sleeping in onesies, since it's just not that cold here and we have been co-sleeping. DS latches pretty well but we have a night in the room which does help. nak
I caught Ky with a little sleep smile http://www.flickr.com/photos/fairycatbath/3910837021/
and I am a little sad about it I know in the long run it will be ok for DH to give Ky, an occassional bottle but I feel a bit like I am being replaced by some bits of plastic. Add the worry about nipple confusion and I am just trying to breath! The only reason I am doing this is so I can go back to dance classes. I really need them emotionally and physically, even though I feel so guilty about that. I hope I can handle being away from him even for the hour....
This is why I love skirts, they are much more forgiving I actually was able to wear some of my skirts up to the day I delivered. I do have to say that Saturday I found out one of my bigger fitted pencil skirts fits!! : I actually wore it to our outing to the LA County Fair. I don't know if I will fit some of the other pieces any time soon but that was a nice ego boast
nak The twins are so cute and love the stroller pic!!!! Bluebird what a cute laugh!!!! Abigail is so cute and wow look at those long legs!
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