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There actually is one but I am not sure if anyone is posting on it. nak
NFP got me onto this DDC For those who have taken the standard pill and the mini-pill how do they differ? I used to be great on the Pill but after years of use it started to give me bad side effects.
I want to be, but I am still unsure of Ky's signals and he threw a fit when we first held him over the training potty. I want to do some more reading and learning, because I so want to try EC.
May she be as strong as the tree she is named for, sending my thoughts to you.
nak My mw said it had to do with the cartlidge in your ribs expanding to fit everything. It is not a comfy feeling but goes away after pregnancy. Not so helpful while it hurts though.
Add me to the I loved it, DH vetoed it club I am also not Jewish. I really still like the name.
Was wrong for me.
So cute!!!!!!!!!! I miss having a puppy. My rats are just confused by the baby smell, they want to check out Ky but not get close.
We are currently using service and I love the cloth so much more then the sposies. I want to make some wool covers soon though. We have been using cloth almost at the beginning and am really happy with them. The only issue is we need to up how many we are getting this boy goes through a whole lot of diapers!!!! Later when he is in a size a little longer we might look at buying diapers but right now this is going pretty good. I really do want some of the cute fancy...
I feel so much better I am not the only one dropping food on my baby! Chocolate covered baby hehehehe!
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