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We were told specifically when the cord was dry. They sent us home from the hospital with it still on since Ky's cord was still soft, my midwife took it off the next day when she came for his home visit.
Quote: Originally Posted by TSomm I just signed up for the fall series of classes with my fav teacher. I'll be 18 weeks this week. Think I'll make it through for another 3 months? I sure hope so. If anyone is in the Philly area, check out www.tribalbellies.com. Love it love it love it!: That looks cool! I think you should be fine, I know a lot of people who keep up dancing till late in their pregnancy. I actually went to class and did...
Can't wait to see pictures! Congrats!! :
Congrats! What a great space to give birth, and such great looking family. :
You little man looks like a little doll! I am sad things went the way they did for you but I bet that little face makes things a little easier. Congrats!:
Typically the reason your bath bombs won't hold together if they are too wet or too dry when you mix them. The recipe you have is the right ingredients its just learning the exact amount of witch hazel to dry ingredients.
My non-vaxing Bradley instructor suggested Dr Gerard Edralin, they are in Lancaster on Ave N. I have not seen them yet but will on the first.
I went back and forth between BC and home birth, eventually having the decision made for me, thanks to the local hospital, there is only one midwife in the area who has a transfer doctor and she was expensive and booked. So I chose a BC out of the area. In the end it was a good thing I went there as I had to transfer due to low fetal heartrate. If I had tried for a homebirth I would have been forced to go to my local hospital which has terrible CS rates, terrible...
So cute!
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