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I was looking at birthing centers but it seems the closest are Sherman Oaks or Whitter which will be too far, so I am looking for a midwife that will do a homebirth in Lancaster. If any one has any suggestions they would be so appreciated!! Thank you!
I am looking for a Midwife in the Lancaster/Palmdale Area of California. I really wanted to give birth in a birth center, but I think all of them are just to far from where I live so I am looking at a Midwife for a home birth. I found one who would work, but have not heard back from her yet so I wanted to see if there were others in the area. Thanks
I hope I can join in on the fun! I am 9wks 4 days along and would fit in the plus size catagory. This is my very first child so I am at a total loss for what to expect, do, etc. etc. But right now I am just hoping my boobs don't get too much bigger or I think I will cry at the thought of lugging them around!
Hello, I am a total newbie to all of this!!! I am 9 weeks with my very first child, looking at doing a home birth if I can not find a Birth Center close enough. I have so much to learn and came here to hopefully find some help in some of my questions.
Well it looks like my most recent tattoo project is going to be on hold for some time as I just found out I am pregnant with my first. I have quite a few tattoos, my nose pierced and many ear piercings including an industrial. I love all my work a lot. The one project that will be waiting is my right foot, it has been started but has about two to three sessions left to finish. It is done in a Mehndi design to match my left foot that has been completed for a few years...
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