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Personally, I would tell your ex that until he exercises all of his parenting time, including the midweek time, you won't even entertain the idea of 50/50 physical. And then, it will only be if he is the one caring for the kids and not his fiancée. While a court generally separates support from parenting time, it won't look good for him that he is so far behind on child support. You have filed contempt against him, correct? If not, I would and ask for the support to be...
One thing you are going to need is the father's permission. Even to hyphenate. Because it is highly unlikely that you will get a court to side with you.
You are not doing it to him, he's doing it to himself. Report him for his choice not to follow a court order and do not take responsibility for his actions.
The advantage to a court order is that a court will enforce it. A contract is useless. Unless you get a judge to sign off on it, which would then make it a court order.
This is the other woman that he is involved with. It's very unlikely to last no matter how serious.
Keep reinforcing to your child that the other woman is not mom and call her tausha. Even if it is in front of the other woman. Since the divorce is final it is too late to get it added that Mom and Dad are terms reserved for Mom and Dad. That SO's and step parents don't get to use that term. If you are going to court for anything else, I would motion to have it added, but only if going to court for something else.
Is the father alive? If yes, then that is who is extremely likely to get full custody should you die while the kids are minors. And there really isn't much you can do to stop that.
He will settle for it being done at home if he can come? Does he even know what sole legal custody means? If I were in your shoes, I would tell him that you are not deviating from the court order. And if the court order states that he is to pay a share of medical expenses, send him a copy and request reimbursement within 30 days.
Whenever you have a conversation with him, do the following to recap (and document): 1. Send him an e-mail starting with as per our conversation on (date and time). BTW, e-mail is way better than a text. 2. Send him an R3 letter. This is where you recap the conversation in a letter, send it normal mail AND certified return receipt requested. And if you are in a single party state when it comes to recording conversations that you are a part of, you can record the...
My suggestion is radio silence. It's none of your ex's business. Oh, and I would file to have a spelled out parenting plan. Is it pretty regular now? If so, then plan on him having those days. If not and he won't agree, then file to have a spelled out parenting plan. As for his being deliberately late, well, sine it is being collected through the state, if he plays this game enough time, a garnishment may be ordered. Which will then take away his ability to play...
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