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Thanks for your point 3 - I will take aggressive scrubbing of the pot off my to-do list!   Jane  
  I got the recipe from the Ball preserving book, but I switched to my pressure canner's instruction/recipe book when it came time for the "cooking" because the Ball book only referred to "processing" for 10 minutes.  The pressure cooker pamphlet called processing bringing to11 pounds pressure for 15 minutes.  When I read the rest of the pamphlet and it says you can pressure cook a short rib in 12 minutes, I should have known better!   Good thing my growing is going...
Yeah, I think too much water played a part for sure. But, you put only one inch in your pressure canner? In mine, I think that would still be below the level of the tray/platform. Is it the STEAM that does the work, and not the WATER?! (I haz teh canning stupidity!)   Pickles were definitely pickling cukes - I have two varieties growing, but they are separated and obvious.   I will try waaaaay less water next time!   Thanks!    
UPDATE:   The pickles are a writeoff too - their texture is totally disgusting, totally broken down, like the worst most overcooked commercially canned green beans.   So, everything about this lot of pickles was awful.   I look forward to opinions!   Jane
Hi all!   DH got me a pressure canner for Christmas, and for the first time last night I tried pressure canning some pickles. I think it was a disaster!  I will walk through my steps, and maybe those with experience can point out what went wrong and how to avoid next time?  Thanks in advance!   Prepared bread and butter style pickles using sliced kirbys with salting, macerating in pickling liquid for 1 day;   Boiled pickling liquid as directed;   Boiled...
I did use this company and was very happy with them.  My candidate signed a release, filled out a form with her details and provided a photocopy of her DL, and the company returned a very comprehensive report that was about 30 pages long, with criminal/sexoffender screens for every state and federal, credit reports, driving records and residence history.  I can't recall the exact price, but I think it was around $200.  It took about 5 days.   I will say, however,...
Umm, your partner objects to orgainzed employment because it is soul crushing, but it's OK by him if you do it on behalf of you both?  I'm struggling to determine what he brings to the table and I can see in technicolor how your situation could go terribly wrong for you, especially once children are in the picture.   You say this relationship is new - please take it slow and make sure you've accurately sussed this guy's true intentions.   Jane
DH and I realized this weekend that DS 2.5 can do 50 piece jigsaw puzzles unaided.  We're trying to think of what types of games/toys to give him to keep him interested and moving forward.  Does anyone have any ideas or experience with a kid who showed this type of skill at this age?  (I don't know even what skill it is - Gross or fine motor? Some type of visual or spatial skill?)   Thanks so much,   Jane
Are you referring to Prader Willi Syndrome?  If so, I think that presents with many other attendent issues as it is a genetic disorder.   Jane
Just looking for some commiseration, I guess!  DS 31 months has turned into a little exhibitionist - It started last week at nap time.  I put him in for a nap, he decided to strip naked.  He did it every day for a week.  Yesterday, he also started sneaking into another room and then running back in where we all are with no clothes on.  He thinks this is the greatest thing ever.  And, now that he's realized his big brother, DS12 is grossed out by it, after he divests, he...
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