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I delivered twice at IU Health Arnett & had awesome experiences. Both deliveries were with Dr Schafer. He's a very low-intervention, laid-back doc. The first birth was an attempted VBA2C that ended in c/s (which I requested after 24hrs of labor - no pressure from doc) & second was a scheduled c/s. I declined hep b & eye ointment & no one batted an eye. Babies were on my chest within 5 min, nursing within 20 & I'd imagine it would be much sooner with a vag birth. They let...
It's a scary world that we live in! I try to avoid toxins as best as I can, but they're everywhere. After I did some research of my own, I found cancer/autism incidence and breastfeeding rates did NOT coincide. Not sure where this guy got his info.
When I get a buildup of wax my ears ring. Flushing with a bulb syringe & warm water fixes it. Also, loud music will cause tinnitus.
Seizures are definitely scary!!  My son started having febrile seizures at around 18 months and it was horrible to see.  His only lasted 1-2 minutes and you're correct that febrile seizures should definitely last no more than 15 minutes.  It is a good sign that they only happen with fevers, but the fact that they last over 15 min does not sound typical of febrile sz.  I hope you get some answers soon!
I was just checking out childhood cancer rates and stumbled upon this: http://www.pollutionaction.org/breastfeeding-and-autism-and-cancer.htm I'm freaking out now!  I know the intelligent women of MDC will have an explanation, right?!  I've breastfed my kids for 2 years each and am now bf'ing my 15-mo-old.  Please show me some stats that disprove this!!!
I'm in NWI & have a fam practice doc that accepts my very delayed/selective vax schedule.  He just asks at each visit if I'm still delaying or ready to start.  He usually recommends I start a vax or two & when I decline he just says, "ok," & moves on.   I'd be glad to give his name/# if anyone wants to message me!
Doc is way off. First, metal has nothing to do with tetanus, other than often being the dirty object that causes the wound.  Tetanus can be caused by a stick, plastic, metal, etc.  It is anaerobic and needs a wound that has no oxygenation in order to survive.   Second, if your son is unvaccinated, a tetanus shot (vaccine, I assume?) will do absolutely nothing to prevent tetanus at this point.  He would need TIG (immune globulin) if he were indeed at risk.   If it...
This is old, but I just wanted to come back and update. This turned out NOT to be true for us, thank goodness!  Baby number four does have a milk allergy, but it seems to be no worse than kid #3. I think kid #2 was the worst out of all four.
Hi there! I have had very similar labors/deliveries. Four kids, three labors, four c-sections.  The labors in which I DID make it to 10 cm, I pushed for hours and babies never descended.  I kind of feel like at this point, I need to realize that there really MIGHT be something anatomically wrong & I'm not able to vaginally deliver my babies.  That does give me a sense of closure, in that my c/s were truly necessary.   With that said, I don't think I'd be opposed to...
Thank you.  I'm going to leave it alone and tell the next doctor (obviously, I'm switching!!) to leave it alone!!!  We will deal with it when he's older if the skin doesn't retract on its own.  It's already reattaching and trying to heal, despite my frequent gentle retracting/applying vaseline.   It is my fault, though.  I knew the medical benefits were few and it was mostly for social reasons, and that's why I was against it.  I should've dealt with the conflict...
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