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I took another look at that video, and noticed at the beginning when they handed out the different colored t-shirts to the men based on whether they were intact or circumcised the audience "booed" at the intact ones while applauding the circ'd group.
I am an intact guy who was born in the mid-1980s. My mother became anti-circ when she was having her first child (who turned out to be a girl) and heard a baby screaming horribly loud. The doctor said that it was a boy being circumcised, and at that point she decided that circ was a terrible thing to do and that she would not let it happen if she had a boy in the future.
I found this video from a talk show (the video title says it was from the early '90s, but I did some searching and this show was from 1995) discussing circumcision (once you go there you may see some links to other circ-related videos, some of which may contain graphic images or image previews on that page): http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...5OorQLbhaTBDw#
I think the best thing to do if you can is put in the divorce decree that your DS cannot be circumcised, and to provide consequences if it is done (loss of custody/visitation rights, etc.). I agree that totally writing your (soon to be) ex-DH out on making medical decisions might not be the smartest idea, in case of an emergency situation or the like.
I'm a 24-year-old intact guy and have never had any negative comments about my intactness.
I recently had a conversation with my mother about circumcision, which got started when we were talking about "things that shouldn't be done to babies" and circ was one of the things mentioned. She told me what made her decide not to circ me (or any other boys she may have had; I was her only son): When her first child (a girl) was born she heard a baby in the next room at the hospital scream extremely loud, and asked the doctor what that was about. The doctor mentioned...
Quote: Originally Posted by Minarai Easy: they convince the highest medical authority in the US (the CDC) to make a "recommendation" in favor of circ and before we know it, that "recommendation" becomes law. Anyone who attempts to opt out will be prosecuted and/or have CPS take their children away. All in the name of profit. Do you seriously think that would happen? I think if they made it illegal to not circumcise there would be a lot of outcry.
I heard a group of women commenting on how they find scars ugly on most parts of the body...but when it's a man's penis those same women prefer it circumcised (i.e. with a ring of scar tissue around it that they say looks better than a foreskin).
Here's one of the things that I might tell someone who thinks that a circumcised penis looks better: "Do you think that scars look better than normal tissue? Probably not, but for some reason penises are an exception to you."
Recently I was talking to a friend about some names that I like for if and when I have children. One of them is a unisex name for a boy (similar on the gender spectrum to my own). She said that giving a boy a name that is more common for girls is cruel and shouldn't be done since he doesn't have a say in it. This same woman wants to circumcise any future son(s) of hers, which means that when she says doing something that "he doesn't have a say in" she's being hypocritical....
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