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I am team green too!!
I also take the Rainbow Light once daily prenatals.
I am still nursing DD who just turned 18 months old.  She really only nurses before naps and before bed now.  I will let her decide if she wants to continue nursing through my pregnancy or if she wants to wean.  I am open to tandem nursing if she continues to nurse, but I will also understand if she decides to wean when/if my supply goes away.   I am very proud of us for making it as long as we have made it!
I just called my midwives office today and scheduled my first appointment.  It will be on January 31st and I will be just shy of 10 weeks.
Hi Ladies!   My name is Lindsay and my Dh is Jason.  We have a little boy named Logan that is 3 years old and a daughter named Graysen that is 18 months old.  We just found out we are expecting #3 and are due September 1st.   I look forward to getting to know everyone!!
* Name: Lindsay * EDD: September 1 * Age: 28 * Location: Nebraska * What number child is this for you: Baby #3 * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): Dh (Jason), DS (Logan - 3) and DD (Graysen - 18 months)  
There are midwives at UNMC and at Methodist Women's Hospital.   I've heard good things about both practices, but I see the midwives at Methodist.
I ditto the play kitchen. We are getting one for our kids for Christmas this year. She is also very into blocks, puzzles and her baby dolls/stroller right now.
I think that Logan and Graysen sound good together, but aren't necessarily matching names.
I feel that as long as they make the effort to dress up in a costume, then they should be allowed to continue through high school age. That is the way we were brought up anyways.
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