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Yum Yum!!
Just checking. Always looking to connect with QWOC!
Everyone in the house thinks its a girl. I'm not convinced. I tell the kids not to get too attached. I don't want anyone to be disappointed. I tell them- it might be a girl with a penis! (wouldn't be the first time!)
I also was going to ask about things that might be different recently. You know- I learned from a great midwife that I have worked with for years that the nausea can also have something to do with blood sugar. A homeopathuc remedy that she suggests (she's a homeopath) if you do think it might be blood sugar related is Phosphorus 30c. I', going to try it because I definately feel like my queaziness could be related to my blood sugar. Just a thought.
Sorry about all the nausea and puking. I've only puked once and am starting to be able to eat what I want. What a relief. I hope everyone gets relief soon. Well. I am finally in the "i' can't wear my jeans anymore phase" I pushed it until this week but i was definately stuffing my pansa (belly) in there! I am freaking out because I can feel that my fundus is almost to my belly button. I am only 15 1/2 weeks. Mateo bought me a belly band that holds up my unzipped...
I would also take probiotics and enzymes regularly which will also help with your immune system - which your gut is a big part of. Probiotics are a must for the gut and intestinal health . Very worth it. Michelle
I just remembered that I don't have health insurance! No medicaid this time either- although Mateo is probably going to get on unemployment because there is NO WORK!! Unbelievable. Anyway- I don't think I want to pay cash for an U/S so since I really have no reason for one- I'll end up letting that one go. I didn't even think about that until now and here I was contemplating my very first U/S! Oh well-
This will be my fourth homebirth. Love it.
Good morning Quindin! Where are you from? Are you from Brazil? That's all we ate there! Can't wait till I can drink coffee again!
The only thing i feel like eating is refried beans with a little cheese grated on it with a piping hot tortilla and red chile if I have some. Every morning. I think eggs look gross. But last pregnancy all I ate was eggs in the morning. Funny how everytime is different. I can't wait for this queaziness to go away! Anyday now! Hope everyone is feeling good today! michelle
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