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Clairabelle, check out this excellent post from Chris Kresser, a paleo and nutrition expert: http://chriskresser.com/3-ways-to-manage-anxiety-without-drugs.
We didn't really do much. DD was covered in pox - all over - but she wasn't too uncomfortable. She was 4 yrs old at the time. I gave her Rhus Tox and put Weleda calendula ointment and/or coconut oil on her skin. We also let our pediatrician know so it would be in her medical chart (in case of future outbreaks at school).
Morris Count, NJ. Along NJ Transit lines.
Yes, they are. I also have 4 or 5 camisoles from Marselme: http://www.marselme.co.nz/products/product.html?id=2&item_id=113&size=2-4_years&colour=Vanilla (in vanilla color, 2-4 yrs size) and a pair of Ruskovilla wool long underwear bottoms. Feel free to PM me.
Dr. Nina Reynolds. Her office is in Chatham.
I have a few wool items that I no longer need. Disana wool sweater, http://www.littlespruceorganics.com/disana-organic-merino-wool-cable-knit-sweater/, in natural color, size 12-24 months (Euro 86/92) - very good condition, runs large 2 Hessnatur 100% wool long sleeve shirts, like this one: http://www.littlespruceorganics.com/engel-organic-merino-wool-childrens-long-sleeved-shirt/, size 12-24 months, natural color, good condition, made in Germany Disana wool mittens,...
It might be very uncomfortable for a 10- week old. We had an opportunity when DD was a baby, but decided to wait. I'm glad we did. She had a strong case, lots of pox all over her body, but being 4 yrs old, it was easier to manage the symptoms. We were able to explain it to her and assure her that the itching and discomfort would soon pass. She did great. On the other hand, I know how hard it is to find it nowadays so I understand your dilemma. The other thing to...
My DD has hypercaciuria as well. She had a UTI at 11 months old. The pediatric urologist we were referred to wanted to do a VCUG (as did the pediatrician we were seeking then). We treated the UTI with ABX, I did a ton of research and ended up finding a great pediatric nephrologist who said that VCUG is no longer recommended after just one UTI. Instead she sent us for an ultrasound, blood work and urine testing. That's how we learned DD has hypercaciuria. I have used...
I disagree with what Offit is saying. I didn't quote the whole statue, but another portion of it says that the courts must dismiss any suit against a pharmaceutical manufacturer if the lawsuit is for more than $1,000. The comment from Offit does not provide any citations for cases that would allow my DH to look them up. DH has looked himself and found no cases where the courts have disregarded the statute. Any court that ignored the statute would be reversed on appeal.
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