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happyhats, I love rewards points gifts too. I got our christmas cards from shutterfly for free using coke rewards points. And I also got my daughter Elsa Beskow's "Christmas Trolls" book through paperbackswap.com Very saavy!
I have been reading this forum and have been low income for the last couple years, and I don't see many mamas posting about trading. I love to trade my handmade toys with people for things. I love to trade in general. This week, I have set up 4 different trades with people. I either know the folks in real life, met them through advertising my trade through craigslist and local forums, or I searched etsy for local shops, found things I wanted, then messaged them showing...
  Perhaps you could get one of those single binder rings they sell for notecards, hole punch the corner and make a flip book out of them. The rings are available at office supply stores.
The old school 'Babes in Toyland' with Drew Barrymore and Keanu Reeves.. not the best acting, but I adored this movie as a kid. And of course, Home Alone 1 and 2.
                          Nature Blocks    by SunAnthem Toys   Materials Needed 1x1inch or 2x2 inch wood blocks Kite paper or premade paper cut outs modge podge, paint brush small scissors like cuticle scissors      I made these two sets of blocks for some of my friend's kiddos. One wanted a nature theme, one wanted an 'elements' theme. I basically cut out different images and collaged them onto the wooden blocks with modge podge, then a thin...
I got ours at a high discount from O Wool, through a co-op. Lot's of mamas run them through yahoo groups.
pinned and FB'd!
I just posted my Long Handdyed SIlk Twirl! This is gonna be fun! I hope I win! I love crafting gifts.
I would like a real christmas tree. We live near beautiful christmas tree farms and I would love the whole experience of taking the family, the tractor rides, the cider and cocoa, and picking out our own fresh tree, while supporting local tree farmers. We probably won't be able to afford to do this this year, we already have the fake tree up, but if a little extra comes our way before christmas, I hope the christmas magic will make it happen.   And on my dream list;...
This is great! Our family could really use this. Would love to win.
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