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I would NOT do a root canal, period.   http://educate-yourself.org/cn/rootcanalcoverup02apr04.shtml http://humansarefree.com/2014/02/shocking-connection-97-of-all-terminal.html
We had a garden and grew up in the country ... mom also used cloth diapers - but only because I picked the disposables apart, not because she was "green". :)    I nursed my kids, used cloth diapers, we grow a lot of our food. We use family cloth and cloth shopping bags. We use glass jars for food storage instead of plastic. Most of this has been so incorporated into our lives that we don't really think of it as "being green". It is just what we do! :)
  Can you elaborate on this for us? We are interested in the reasoning behind it. I don't know much about astrology so I am clueless here :)
Okay so here is a strange question ... my fiance and I have been talking about the treasure map and what we would like to manifest and he posed the question this morning if we could do a joint map? Thoughts on this?
Is there yet a date or thread for Treasure Map 2013? I like to put it on my calendar so that I am sure not to forget! :)
I did the same thing!! :)
I will be watching this thread with interest. I have a seven year old and can relate to this post. Good luck mama.
We are trying to put down some anchor points in the Gloucester area .... hoping to relocate there soon. Anyone from here in that area?
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