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I've always had a weird phobia of drive-by shootings (which is hilarious because I live in a super rural area) so I try to make sure my kids beds aren't against a street-facing wall.
We go occasionally. The food isn't good, but the kids have a lot of fun with the games and such. Each girl has had a birthday there. We go probably once every 3-4 months or so.
I'm also a bit bogged down with ch 4 so I'm taking a break...catch up, people! Hee. I started reading another of Ehrman's books, 'God's Problem' and I am really enjoying it.
Quote: Originally Posted by hrsmom I'm glad you found us!!! I'm just realizing with the thousand and thousands of copies made over the years, it's kind of something to assume a mistake was never made! Never thought about it before. I read the part about the part of John that has the story of the woman caught in adultery. (John 8 something, I think.) I remember reading in a footnote in my Bible that scholars pretty much feel that isn't part of...
Quote: Originally Posted by janasmama Where do you live at in Ca.? I just recently moved to Eugene, OR from Tehachapi...I think it's perfect. One of the outlying communities might be good for you. Lots of farms and CSA's I'm in the desert, by the mexican border. Thanks, i will add it to my list to check out! BTW, I have a friend from Tehachapi!
I let my 2 year old and 4 year old play in the front yard with each other. I leave the front door and windows open (we live in a small house and I can keep my eye on them the whole time. We live in a tiny town and our front yard has a picket fence around it, with a gate that latches. They know to stay in the yard and I can see them, so I don't worry too much about it. I think they need to have some independence. However, I DO NOT let them play in the backyard by...
My daughters are Cambria and Keira
Quote: Originally Posted by mommy2abigail I agree that both you and her mother are over-thinking this. You are also attaching adult motives/actions onto a *4* year old child. She is not doing anything 'gross' or 'inappropriate' or 'nasty'. Exploring your own body is normal and healthy. She jumped because (I can assume) she's been shamed or punished for doing something similar, so, she is probably worried about getting in trouble. As for the dog bed,...
Thanks for all of the links and info. I made an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow..hopefully he can refer me to someone that can help!
Quote: Originally Posted by tumblingstar I've used my wooden board for years without nothing more than a hot soapy wash and dry out. Though I never cut raw meat on it. Occasionally, I would spray it with vinegar. Now I use a bamboo one and treat it the same. I just cut raw meat on a plate and then it goes into the dishwasher. When I cut onions or garlic on it, sometimes I don't even rinse it off. Just brush it off. My grandmother told me it kills...
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