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Quote: Originally Posted by gmvh What about marinating some white fish (tilapia or we use mahi mahi but I'm not sure if it falls in the "white fish" category) in jalapenos, cilantro, lime, and oil, then bake it. Shred/crumble it and have in burritos or tacos. Or you could use a taco seasoning mix on it and bake it and have it in tacos. We do these...H loves fish and I hate it but try to eat it occasionally for the benefits.
I just started reading it last night and got halfway through chapter 2. I liked reading about Ehrman's religious history and background, how he got to where he is now, his education, etc. He has obviously done a lot of research and he knows what he's talking about. One thing that really resonated with me so far was from the introduction. Ehrman has a problem with the view of 'divine inspiration' because (for one thing)...God is, well, God! God could have preserved the...
Are we starting a new thread for the book? In religious studies, or what? I'm on the lookout for it!
Last night was spaghetti, tonight is balsamic chicken & couscous
Hey, everyone! I've been away from the thread for a few days but I wanted to update that I finally got a copy of Misquoting Jesus and am starting it RIGHT NOW! Look forward to the discussion!
Hi...I don't know if I should be here or not yet as I haven't been diagnosed ADD. I never, EVER suspected that I had it until LAST NIGHT. I was reading something about adult ADD and it fit me to a T. I have been diagnosed with OCD in the past but I've wondered if that was accurate. Now that I am looking into ADD it seems like my OCD behaviors could fit in with that, too. I took an online ADD quiz (I know, online tests are in no way a diagnosis!) and it scored me as having...
This is an old thread, but maybe you're still reading! Our female is in heat right now. We found another female that had gotten loose & we were going to board her until we found the owner, but she acted very negatively toward our dog. We boarded her at my bil's house. He has 2 males and the female was totally fine w/ them nak
Yup! DD1 was a full-time cosleeper, she could not sleep on her own. She was in bed with us until 15 months and then on a mattress on our floor until she was about 3, 3.5. We tried to cosleep with dd2 from the start but she just didn't like it at all...she needed to be on her own to sleep. We had her in a pack n' play in our room until she was about 12 months, then she started sleeping in her own room. Now (28 months) she sleeps in her room until about 4-5am and then she...
I have some more time to respond now. Here's what I do. Breakfast is always something that I can do quickly...we don't have a lot of time in the mornings, H has to go to work and dd1 has to go to school. On the weekends I will make a few things that can be grabbed quickly. Some things that I make are: Muffins Quiche/Frittata...just grab a slice in the morning Waffles/pancakes, I freeze them and pop them in the toaster in the morning Baked oatmeal when dd2 and I come home...
I would definitely honor her request...ask her what she'd like to do instead. Maybe she just wants a special day with family only!
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