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Congrats! I remember how hard those first few days were...it does get easier, I promise. You'll be an old pro soon!
Quote: Originally Posted by KingstonMama Maybe check out the Kitsap Peninsula, we love it here! Lots of houses on acreage available, at least up here on the North End, not sure about the South end. We have a nice big garden and there is a CSA up the street, as well as a goat farm. It's a good place to try and be more self sufficient I guess you'd say That is exactly what I'm looking for, thanks! I will research the area!
Quote: Originally Posted by rmzbm ANY age is fine with me, provided: THEY asked for it. They can care for it. They understand it can hurt, it can become infected, etc. Ditto. My 4 year old recently asked if she could get them done. I told her it was up to her and I let her know what was involved. She decided she wasn't ready for them yet but she knows the option is open when/if she wants to get them done.
In the winter we keep it at 70 at night, and we don't need heat during the day usually. Only for a few weeks. In the summer we keep it at 78 at night, 82 during the day. We're in the desert with frequent 120+ temps in the summer so 82 is a nice refreshing temp! heh
I am big on celebrating most holidays. We get the girls a card and a little gift (usually a stuffed animal and a book)
Sell me your area! I would like to live in a smallish/rural area. I'm used to small farming/agricultural towns. Somewhere rainy would be a nice change from the dry desert I live in now. I would eventually like to have a small homestead with a few animals. Where is a good place in the PNW for this? Thanks!
I cook mostly from scratch and it doesn't take me long in the kitchen at all. I usually set aside one day per week where I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, baking breads, ready-to-eat breakfasts, etc, and prepping things to cook throughout the week.
I definitely wouldn't put them to sleep in the changing table part. A moses basket inside of the bassinet would probably be fine but I don't think it would raise the baby up much. I think making a sort of platform, as suggested above, would probably be your best bet to get it up higher and still be safe.
What is your view on hell? Fire and brimstone? A cease of life/eternal life? No relationship with God?
I am open to the possibility of reincarnation.
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