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my niece is 3, almost 4 actually. She has a significant speech delay. She's starting to use more words lately, but her speech is very muddled and it's hard to understand her. Her parents make comments about it so I know that they realize there's something wrong, but they don't DO anything about it. They've never had her evaluated, they haven't taken her to EI or anything. I feel like I'm meddling if I say something, but I'm worried about her! I know that it could be...
Quote: Originally Posted by DeannaK I used to have friends in Brawley which I think is in that area! Different desert though than us. LOL! It is in that area, I'm about 20 mins from Brawley =)
Ahhh, I'm about an hour from there, in the Imperial Valley. Hi!
I'm so sorry that your sis is going through this, I would try to go to another MD for a second opinion. It doesn't sound normal, whatever it is. I don't think it would be related to endometriosis, though. I have it and the endo symptoms disappear with pregnancy rather than get exacerbated by it. Good luck to your sister, I hope it gets figured out.
I'm a dog person and I am not freaked out by (most) pitbulls but I don't think you're being overprotective at all. I would be nervous to have my children in the midst of it, even if the dogs aren't being malicious they could accidentally knock your ds down or scratch him in excitement. We take our German Shorthaired Pointer with us pretty much wherever we go, but in a situation like this we keep her on a leash by our sides. I would (like a pp said) give her a chance to...
It really bothered my daughter, but the lab tech was super incompetent and kept squeezing her heel very hard. It was traumatic for me.
Waaaay SoCal! I've been a MDC member before but I was mostly a lurker and I don't even remember my username, it's been so long! I am a mostly SAHM to two lovely girls. The H and I have been thinking of adding another to the clan soon so we shall see about that in the near future. Glad to be back!
New Posts  All Forums: