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My girls both favored a hand early on. Dd1 is totally right-handed and dd2 is totally left-handed. Pretty much since they started holding things and drawing, etc.
I don't have any boys, but I totally agree. I have nephews and friends with boys and I'm always looking for cute outfits to buy them as gifts. I don't see how hard it is to give a few more options!
We have a temporal one and it literally takes maybe 2 seconds, and it's been really accurate thus far.
I use gates or say 'go to your bed!' and my German Shorthaired Pointer knows to go lie down in her crate for awhile.
Do you cloth diaper? Maybe that weirds her out, some people are weird about that. Nevertheless, I wouldn't allow alone time with her if she isn't willing to change diapers. It's unhealthy and unsanitary. She can't expect you to go along with it!
My parents live in our town, within a mile of us. They spend a lot of time with the kids, they usually pick my oldest (4.5) up from school one day per week and they keep her for a few hours. I'm still not comfortable with dd2 being away for long, but they have taken her for a few hours a few times as well. We go to their house a lot, usually a few times per week. We have birthday parties at their house. They completely spoil the girls like crazy. My ILs live about 30...
Don't take your chances with smelly meat! I'll go past the 'sell-by' date if things smell okay, but if it smelled bad before the date it was bad when you bought it. Try to take it back!
Last night we had a stovetop tuna-noodle kind of thing....it was yummy. I'm still not sure about tonight. Probably bean soup of some sort.
I was raised in the Lutheran Church, Missouri synod and we took it every other week. My husband was raised Baptist and they do it once a month.
My dd1 went for the first time around 2.5-3ish. She was nervous but they really made her feel at ease. They played Spongebob Squarepants cartoons on the ceiling while they looked in her mouth and that was a novelty for her. They did do xrays to check for cavities but that didn't phase her too much. She didn't have any cavities.
New Posts  All Forums: