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Bah, I love PB so much!
I don't think it's 'textbook bulimic' but it is most definitely an eating issue/disorder.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2xy No, it's not illegal to drink and drive. It's illegal to drive when your blood alcohol content is over a certain amount, or if you've drank enough to become impaired. One beer or a glass of wine is not enough to impair me, although it might be enough to impair someone else. Yes, restaurant people and bartenders will refuse service if someone is obviously getting drunk. Believe it or not, many of us have to be certified...
Quote: Originally Posted by rcr Yea, drinking while drunk is illeagle, but there is nothing illeagle about drinking before driving if you are not drunk while you drive. Interesting that it is illeagle to serve a pregnant woman alcohol... I got denied a glass of wine when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant at a fancy restaurant.... (and no, I don't want to debate that here). It isn't illegal to serve a pregnant woman alcohol (at least not in my...
We have a small house, so I can pretty much leave them anywhere in the house and still keep tabs on them. I think I started leaving them alone for a few minutes around 18 months.
I usually don't carry a diaper bag around with me, but I keep a stash of things in my car in case I need them. In my purse I usually have a diaper (dd is potty learning so we don't go through many diapers anymore), a few wipes in a ziploc bag, I have a little travel pack of bandaids & neosporin that I got from a local health fair...perfect size for the purse. I also always have sunblock in my purse for them...we live in the desert and need to re-apply often. Hmmm...I...
I would have no problem with the amount of children my children would want to have, as long as they provided a loving home environment for them!
I'm having the exact same problems with my 2 & 4 year old dds...I'll be subbing to this thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by rockycrop I've been saving all my egg shells (I try to keep a large amount intact when I break them open). I read about it in a magazine while I was browsing at the bookstore a couple weeks ago. It said to just gently crush the shells right before you plant. I already have 5 dozen saved up, but we eat a lot of eggs around here. Ooh, I love this idea...I knew we were saving all of those eggshells for something!...
Quote: Originally Posted by nicolelynn About once every 2 weeks. I usually get canned pink salmon instead. Red salmon is healthier, but more expensive and fishier tasting. The pink salmon I get from Trader Joes is very light tasting, very much like tuna and cheap. And it has far less mercury than tuna. Thanks for the suggestion, I will have to try it out.
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