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Quote: Originally Posted by Melly24 Then she hit separation anxiety age and complete opposite. SHe demanded to be held or touching me in some way most of the day and night. Now at 11 months she is somewhere in between these two extremes. Also ditto this! dd2, who I mentioned above was independent as a baby but now she wants me to hold/cuddle her a lot more. She also usually ends up in my bed in the early morning hours now.
Quote: Originally Posted by library lady For some of us, putting the baby down is not an option. My older 3 girls would not tolerate being put in any contraption for any length of time. They would not nap if I wasn't laying with them. My 4th (3 weeks old) will let me put her down to nap and I can get other stuff done. I had a choice between putting them down and letting them cry or holding them all the time. I don't believe in CIO so holding was...
I eat it far too often, I think. I try to stay away but I am addicted to tuna fish sandwiches! It's the only kind of 'seafood' I will eat at all. I'm a little bit concerned about the mercury content. How often do you eat it?
I actually just looked up CS substitutions earlier today and found this one: CORN SYRUP, LIGHT OR DARK 1 cup = 1 1/4 cups granulated or packed brown sugar plus 1/4 cup liquid (use whatever liquid the recipe calls for I don't know if it'll work in marshmallows but I'm trying it in a banana dessert for tonight.
The feed we buy for our chickens is only about $6/bag and we get probably a bag a month. We have 6 chickens. They are free-range, eat TONS of bugs and kitchen scraps. They really require very little cost to upkeep.
dd2 is 28 months, about 30 lbs and wears an 8
To answer my own question, I don't think Baptism by immersion is necessary. Then again, I'm not a literal Bible purist, so I think that a representation is fine. You and God know what is in your heart, I don't think that God really cares if you're immersed in water or not. Not knocking you if you DO think immersion is necessary, this is just my opinion.
Spin-off question - Do you think Baptism by immersion is more valid or important than sprinkling of water? Why or why not?
My dauther was also 2 in late October and we're having a rough time, too! A lot of the time I just end up lying with her until she falls asleep.
I like to use this http://trukid.com/catalog/dancing-detangler.htm It seems to help tame flyaways
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