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Quote: Originally Posted by allgirls Why don't you try it on for a few months. If it works out, he likes it, you like it and it suits, then go the legal route. . I agree with this advice, I'd just try it out for awhile at first and then see about changing it...I know it can be kind of expensive, though.
#8 Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl. Worst. Book. Ever. Well, maybe not as bad as her previous gem, To Train Up a Child. I saw it at my SILs house and I couldn't NOT read it. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
I've got a yummy beef-cabbage stew in the crockpot....it's a chilly day!
"What? It's made from corn...it's nutritionally the same as sugar..." Mmhmm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Red Sonja We have 3 across the backseat of a Nissan Murano. Two Marathons (originally both rear-facing, but DD1 is forward-facing now) outboard and a Radian 65 in the middle. DS is in the middle and he climbs up and buckles himself in, after I get in I reach through the seats to make sure he's buckled correctly and later reach back between the seats to unbuckle him and DD1 before I get out. The Murano is on our list!
Right now we have a 2004 Cavalier but we're looking into getting something new. Our car is getting old and we're planning on having another baby sometime in the near future. What do you drive? Pros/cons?
My daughter is 4 1/2, she weighs 43 lbs. I'm not sure how tall she is, actually. She's thin, though. She wears a 5 in clothes and a size 10 shoe.
She really should be fine. Just watch for signs of an allergic reaction, and try not to give her any more until after she's 12-14 months or so. My parents gave dd2 strawberries when she was a baby because they didn't know any better. She was a-ok.
Ohh, I forgot to do my re-introduction! Hi, I'm Dayna. I have been married to my husband for just over 3 years and we have two daughters, they are 2 and 4.5. As I've stated upthread, I was raised in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Fairly conservative traditional Lutheran church. I went to the attached Lutheran school from K-8th grade, and my mom was a teacher and the principal of my school. I was a skeptic from a very young age. I was the one that the Sunday School...
My daughter used to get really frustrated as a baby, she wanted to be able to do skills that she couldn't do yet and she'd get very angry. There really isn't anything you can do right now, it'll pass! I know it can be frustrating, but I just kept telling myself that it wouldn't last forever.
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