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well, I bought ds a toothbrush (electric) shaped like a rocket so that may help! i just am not sure what happens next ya know? i checked the archives but didn't see much about holes... i dont know what the options are, especially what NOT to do, that a dr. may try to push on us... any reccomendations for getting more responses or other places to seek out info..im lost here! alicia
I found a hole in one of ds's front teeth! the front top four have been a little yellowed for awhile now, and now this! He has all but last set of molers in so far. I will admit that we haven't been militant enough with brushing, he hates it but we try every night. Since I found this I've been forcing it every night with me pinning him down (after trying a zillion other things! of course!) and brushing them. i don't know what else to do! I don't want to traumatize him...
I TYPED THIS UP AT ANOTHER BOARD I FREQUENT, SO i JUST PASTED IT HERE SINCE IT'S SOOO LONG AND I'M PRESSED FOR TIME. sorry about typos and stuff i'm in a rush as babe's asleep..for now! :: Okay, I know I never ever have time to post here anymore, but i need some mama support and advice. i'm so conflicted! i decided a few months ago (and until now have been excited and confident about it )to relocate 9 hrs north of where i live now with ds (16 mos). I will be leaving...
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